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‘Parasite’ Scores Biggest Box Office Weekend in 3-Month U.S. Run With Oscar Victory Push
16. 02. 2020 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Parasite Ticket Sales Increase By 200% Following Oscar Wins
16. 02. 2020 screenrant logo screenrant
Parasite: What The Scholar's Stone Really Means | Screen Rant
16. 02. 2020 screenrant logo screenrant
Why Terminator 2: Judgment Day Was Set In The Future
15. 02. 2020 screenrant logo screenrant
Does ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?
15. 02. 2020 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Why ‘Parasite’ Studio CJ Entertainment Is Betting Big on Skydance
15. 02. 2020 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Christian Bale’s Terminator Salvation On-Set Rant: The True Story
14. 02. 2020 screenrant logo screenrant
‘Parasite’ and ‘Memories of Murder’ From Bong Joon Ho to Join Criterion Collection
13. 02. 2020 TheWrap logo TheWrap
‘Parasite’ is Getting a 400% Ticket Sale Spike From the Oscars
11. 02. 2020 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Terminator: Dark Fate Honest Trailer Shows How Unoriginal Sequel Was
11. 02. 2020 screenrant logo screenrant

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American Muscle Car
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Location, Location, Location
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Soy tu dueña
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The Gadget Show
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Netflix fends off new streaming rivals by way of Samsung partnership
16. 02. 2020 TechCrunch logo TechCrunch
In bloody drug war, Mexico's new leader may try negotiating
16. 02. 2020 Reuters logo Reuters
Diego Luna brings Kiki Camarena case to worldwide attention
16. 02. 2020 USA Today logo USA Today
The top 8 Spanish-language Netflix original TV shows, from 'Narcos' to 'Elite'
16. 02. 2020 Business Insider logo Business Insider
Narcos: Mexico is a show for people who want the drug war to last forever
16. 02. 2020 The Verge logo The Verge
Netflix renews ‘Narcos: Mexico’ for a second season
16. 02. 2020 Engadget logo Engadget
How 'Locke and Key' totally changed at Netflix after Hulu passed on the TV series
09. 02. 2020 Business Insider logo Business Insider
Netflix’s enticing ‘Locke & Key’ adaption is a fresh take on the beloved comic book series
09. 02. 2020 Mashable logo Mashable
Locke and Key is finally coming to Netflix with an appropriately spooky trailer
09. 02. 2020 Ars Technica logo Ars Technica
Jon Snow went from outsider to king. Is the Iron Throne next?
09. 02. 2020 CNN logo CNN


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