Shazam! 2019

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Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Adventure
Directed by:
David F. Sandberg
D. F. Sandberg
Stars:Top billed stars:
Zachary Levi Mark Strong Asher Angel
Z. Levi, M. Strong, A. Angel
2H 12M
Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

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movie 03/25 - 79 Shazam!


movie 12/07 - 64 Aquaman


movie 10/26 - 55 Justice League
movie 05/15 - 76 Wonder Woman


movie 06/10 - 63 Man of Steel
Pretty Little Liars: 10 Of The Worst Things “A” Ever Did
20. 12. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
Pretty Little Liars: 5 Of The Creepiest Messages From “A” (& 5 Of The Lamest)
16. 12. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
DC Comics’ ‘Shazam 2’ to Be Released April 2022
12. 12. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
‘Shazam’ Mid-Credits Scene Explained
01. 12. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Praises Joker, Urges Fans to See It
09. 10. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
Djimon Hounsou Joins ‘A Quiet Place 2’ as Brian Tyree Henry Exits
12. 08. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
‘The King’s Man’ Trailer: Ralph Fiennes Trains Next Class of Super Spies in Prequel Story (Video)
15. 07. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Shazam & Black Adam Won't Meet Until Shazam! 3, Says Zachary Levi
15. 07. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
Watch the Best ‘Shazam’ Family Member Darla Have a Hilarious Tea Party In This Exclusive Deleted Scene (Video)
02. 07. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’ Trailer: Chris Evans Tells His Family to ‘Eat S—‘ (Video)
02. 07. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Shazam! Deleted Scene May Be Hinting at Black Adam
01. 07. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
MTV Movie and TV Awards Ratings Drop 46% From Last Year
19. 06. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Complete List of Winners (Updating)
18. 06. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Dwayne Johnson to Receive Generation Award at MTV Movie & TV Awards
13. 06. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Shazam! Director Reveals Cartoon Deleted Scene He Voiced Himself
27. 05. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
Shazam! Blu-ray Release Date & Special Features Revealed
24. 05. 2019 screenrant logo screenrant
‘Brockmire’ Season 3 Finale: Hank Azaria Needs a Break From ‘This Tornado of S—‘ (Exclusive Video)
21. 05. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Ratings: Fox’s ‘Beat Shazam’ Season 3 Premiere Doesn’t Beat Much at 8
21. 05. 2019 TheWrap logo TheWrap
Shazam! Review: A Fun DC Movie That Changes the Superhero Game
28. 04. 2019 movieweb logo movieweb
Shazam! Review #2: An Immensely Entertaining Origin Story
28. 04. 2019 movieweb logo movieweb


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