Noragami 2014 - present

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Animation, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Directed by:
Kôtarô Tamura Tsuyoshi Hida
K. Tamura, T. Hida
Stars:Top billed stars:
Hiroshi Kamiya Maaya Uchida Yûki Kaji
H. Kamiya, M. Uchida, Y. Kaji
2 Seasons
25 Episodes
Animation, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

The world consists of two parts: the near shore and far shore. The near shore is the place where people reside, while the far shore is the place for deities and ayakashi, which are emotional fragments that can posses humans and cause trouble. So it is a deity's responsibility to remove those ayakashi from the near shore with the help of weapons called Shinki, made from the spirits of dead people. Yato is a minor deity of war without shrine. Together with his Shinki, Tomone, he runs a Delivery Wish Granting Service, granting wishes for only 5 yen. After his Shinki leaves him on less than agreeable terms, he decides to run simple errands that do not involve ayakashi-related matters. While on a mission to find a lost kitten, he is nearly hit by a bus, but saved by a girl named Iki Hiyori. Hiyori dies for a moment, but then comes back to life. This, however, causes Hiyori's soul to become unstable, leaving her body frequently. So by offering 5 yen, she asks Yato to fix her body... but Yato cannot help without a Shinki, so Hiyori accompanies him on his journey to find one, in the hopes of becoming normal again. But behind Yato's kind-hearted face lies a twisted past...

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2015 December

episode 12/25 - S02E13 - The God of Fortune's Message
episode 12/19 - S02E12 - Your Voice Calls Out
episode 12/12 - S02E11 - Revival
episode 12/05 - S02E10 - A Certain Desire

2015 November

episode 11/21 - S02E08 - God of Calamity
episode 11/14 - S02E07 - How to Worship a God
episode 11/07 - S02E06 - What Must Be Done

2015 October

episode 10/17 - S02E03 - False Bond
episode 10/10 - S02E02 - One of Her Memories
episode 10/03 - S02E01 - Bearing a Posthumous Name

2014 October

episode 10/24 - S02E04 - Wish

2014 March

episode 03/23 - S01E12 - A Scrap of a Memory
episode 03/16 - S01E11 - Abandoned God
episode 03/09 - S01E10 - Regarded with Hate
episode 03/02 - S01E09 - Name

2014 February

episode 02/23 - S01E08 - Over the Line
episode 02/16 - S01E07 - Uncertainty & Destiny
episode 02/09 - S01E06 - Scary Person
episode 02/02 - S01E05 - Borderline

2014 January

episode 01/26 - S01E04 - Where Happiness Lies
episode 01/19 - S01E03 - Bidden Calamity
episode 01/12 - S01E02 - Snow-like
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