Fate/Apocrypha 2017 - present

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Animation, Drama, Action, Fantasy
Stars:Top billed stars:
Natsuki Hanae
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Rumi Okubo
N. Hanae, M. Sakamoto, R. Okubo
1 Season
25 Episodes
Animation, Drama, Action, Fantasy

The setting is a parallel world to Fate/stay night where the Greater Grail mysteriously disappeared from Fuyuki after the Third Holy Grail War. After many years of silence, around the same time as the Fifth Holy Grail War would have happened, the Yggdmillennia, a family of magi, openly declares their secession from the Mage's Association, and that they are in possession of the Grail. The Association dispatches fifty magi to retrieve it, and all but one are instantly slaughtered by a mysterious Servant. The one remaining manages to activate the reserve system of the Greater Grail, allowing for the summoning of fourteen Servants in total. In the city of Trifas, two factions will fight for the control of the sacred relic, each of them possessing their own team of seven Servants: the Black Faction whose members are part of Yggdmillennia, protecting the Grail, and the Red Faction whose members were sent by the Mage's Association, trying to take the Grail back. For an event of this scale, the Grail itself summons its own Servant, the holy Ruler, to oversee the conflict. This marks the start of the Great Holy Grail War.

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Complete season



Season 1 Torrent of complete season is not yet available
E01 - Apocrypha: The Great Holy Grail War
01. Jul 2017
E02 - The Saint’s Appearance
07. Jul 2017
E03 - The First Steps of Fate
15. Jul 2017
E04 - Life's Cost, Death's Redemption
22. Jul 2017
E05 - Voice From Above
29. Jul 2017
E06 - The Knight of Rebellion
06. Aug 2017
E07 - Where Freedom Lies
12. Aug 2017
E08 - The War Begins
19. Aug 2017
E09 - A Hundred Flames, A Hundred Flowers
27. Aug 2017
E10 - Like Scattered Petals
02. Sep 2017
E11 - Eternal Radiance
09. Sep 2017
E12 - The Saint's Triumphant Return
16. Sep 2017
E13 - The Last Master
01. Oct 2017
E14 - Prayer of Salvation
07. Oct 2017
E15 - Though Our Paths Diverge
16. Oct 2017
E16 - Jack the Ripper
23. Oct 2017
E17 - Traumerei
29. Oct 2017
E18 - From Hell
06. Nov 2017
E19 - The Last First Light
12. Nov 2017
E20 - Dashing in the Sky
26. Nov 2017
E21 - Scorpio Shot
03. Dec 2017
E22 - Reunion and Separation
10. Dec 2017
E23 - Far Beyond
17. Dec 2017
E24 - The Holy Grail War
24. Dec 2017
E25 - Apocrypha
31. Dec 2017

2017 December

episode 12/31 - S01E25 - Apocrypha
episode 12/24 - S01E24 - The Holy Grail War
episode 12/17 - S01E23 - Far Beyond
episode 12/10 - S01E22 - Reunion and Separation
episode 12/03 - S01E21 - Scorpio Shot

2017 November

episode 11/26 - S01E20 - Dashing in the Sky
episode 11/12 - S01E19 - The Last First Light
episode 11/06 - S01E18 - From Hell

2017 October

episode 10/29 - S01E17 - Traumerei
episode 10/23 - S01E16 - Jack the Ripper
episode 10/16 - S01E15 - Though Our Paths Diverge
episode 10/07 - S01E14 - Prayer of Salvation
episode 10/01 - S01E13 - The Last Master

2017 September

episode 09/09 - S01E11 - Eternal Radiance
episode 09/02 - S01E10 - Like Scattered Petals

2017 August

episode 08/19 - S01E08 - The War Begins
episode 08/12 - S01E07 - Where Freedom Lies
episode 08/06 - S01E06 - The Knight of Rebellion

2017 July

episode 07/29 - S01E05 - Voice From Above
episode 07/15 - S01E03 - The First Steps of Fate
episode 07/07 - S01E02 - The Saint’s Appearance
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