P2P GURU - Torrent Guide

Torrent Guide - Step by step

1. Installation of Torrent client

The first step is to download and install an application that handles torrents. There are many programs that are used to download torrent files but we can use µTorrent client in this example. No matter if you use Windows, Mac, or Linux you will find on µTorrent all of these platform.

Choose the best torrent file

How to choose the best file to download? This is where you need to know about two important terms - seeders and leechers

+ Seeders are people who have downloaded 100% of data. In other words, their machines start to seed the data, so other people can access and download parts of it.
- Leechers are people who are in the process of downloading torrents. Their torrent clients take bits of data from other computers and copy it to your computer. Once you finish downloading a torrent, you automatically become a seeder.
Why is this important to know? The answer is download speed.

Summary: when torrent file has many seeders and few leechers then your download speed will be great!

3. Download the torrent file

Just choose you favorite movie, series etc. and start to download. You also can download multiple torrents at the same time.



4. Finish

You automatically become a seeder after the torrent is fully downloaded to your computer. In case you move or delete the downloaded file from your computer you will lose the ability to seed.

Time to become a seeder